I mentioned many times the high impact on business value of innovating the Business Model of a company. We choose 2 years ago to adapt the Business Model Framework of Alex Osterwalder. With my team we adjusted the framework in more detail while working with a significant amount of our key clients. The results are far above any expectations. This is the reason that we as Capgemini choose to co-work with Alex and his network. Two members of our team: Bas van Oosterhout and Daan Giesen represented us in the co-creation of the new book: Business Model generation, written by Alex Osterwalder & Yves Pigneur. It is the first extended handbook for innovators working on changing the business models for the future. Besides the superb content, a lot of effort is put into the design and accessibility of the book.

All this is support by a strong community of co-workers facilitated by the Business Model innovation Hub. We expect a lot of this initiative where all global brains on this theme will meet, work and enjoy the near future state of doing business.

The next challenge will be the integration between the Innovation Strategy, New Business Modeling and capturing the implications for the current Operating Model of the company. Integration of these three dimension will be key to implement the full range of business transformation in order to harvest the new business value in the market. The first draft model of this overall Business Innovation approach is already out of our Innovation Lab in the Netherlands and bringing into practice with our key clients.

I never experienced so exiting breakthroughs in innovation and this will accelerate only more in the near future!