Innovation Management: it’s all about collaboration

Can Innovation be managed? What is it different from other business processes in your organization?

Innovation is in essence looking for new insights in a different way how to adapt to new technologies or new market needs. As Rob van Leen (Chief Innovation Officer at DSM) stated in his interview for The Innovators (Nov 2103) “for us innovation equals people thinking differently … I think DSM traditionally had more or less confused innovation and R&D, and for me, innovation is really bringing profitable products and services to the market. It is more a general management skill.”.

This company realized in order to create, deliver and capture new business value an end-to-end process is needed throughout the organization. Not only is collaboration of all functions within the organization necessary but working together with the outside world becomes vital for continuity. Innovation management is not just at business process level (operating model) but also includes Strategy and Leadership.  Rob van Leen mentioned the importance of the role of the CEO: “The first key point is that you need a Managing Board that also believes in this and truly are aligned. It is critical that the CEO is backing up that innovation executive…Our CEO is sometimes the only person in the whole company who supports me when I come up with some daring proposal. Our CEO is my first and last ally.

If you looking for a nice simple animated explanation for a complex concept such as Innovation Management, please watch this well done clip: Innovation Management at Rutgers Business School