The company’s ability to innovate

A realistic picture of the company’s ability to innovate The realisation of an innovation ambition level revolves around the ability to translate the desired value proposition in concrete terms for the customer. The success of innovation is not determined by the innovators in the organisation. What matters is the degree to which the customers adopt […]

From Benchmarking to Mashmarking

Published on April 20, 2007 at capgemini.comThree innovators from Capgemini Netherlands – Ron Tolido, CTO Continental Europe Asia Pacific, Hans van Grieken, business innovation officer, and Koen Klokgieters, business innovation officer Consulting Services – delve into multiple burning questions on business innovation. You can also read Capgemini Netherlands’ transformation process around mobility to safeguard it […]

The Great Battle (2)

The Great Battle (2): Are organisations ready for the new generation of customers? In part I of the Great Battle, I discussed the struggle between the Robber Barons and the Knight Innovators, or the struggle between the hedge funds and the organisations of the future. While the Robber Barons see human capital as a cost […]

The great Battle (1)

The great Battle (1): Knight Innovators versus Robber Barons A new force has arisen: the neo-capitalists. These hedge funds and private equities are trading in companies, aiming for short-term financial gains. They are not intending to create sustainable value for the various parties involved. Focusing on fast deals with a lot of borrowed money, they […]

A matter of connecting people

Innovation is a matter of connecting people, but how do you do that across the various disciplines within organisations? Companies must innovate continuously in order to survive in an increasingly complex market, and many companies choose to have extremely high innovation ambitions. To be able to meet that ambition, the company will set up a […]

Reputation is extremely important

Reputation is extremely important in Open Innovation network Last Thursday, 29 March, I (Koen Klokgieters) was present as one of three guest speakers at the LogInn Event 2007. This annual conference is organised by and for the MBA students at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. The theme was SCM and Innovation Management, and I was […]