Innovation paradox:

Innovation paradox: entrepreneurship versus the power of the corporate staff departments International researches (as from 2006 up to and including most recent) indicates from that the members of the Council of Governing Board continue consider Innovation as the way to growth increase and secure continuity. The Credit Crisis hardly change anything in these thoughts. The […]

Purchasing a role

Does Purchasing play a role in success of Innovation? In many organizations Innovation is the domain of Research and Development or Marketing. How come that Purchasing is almost not on the radar screen of innovation? And what may be the impact of this? In the Master Thesis Strategic Purchasing and Innovation, written by Casper ten […]

Freedom of speech

Freedom of speech, transparency of information and new web technology: minimum basis for Open Innovative Society In December Capgemini organized a round table session for clients in corporation with the Center for Inquiry of the United Nations and Mint Consultancy. The topic of the event was: “An more active role for companies in creating an […]

How do you know?

How do you know that your Innovation Strategy is the right one?   Many strategy knowledge centers like Insead, Havard Business School and McKinsey Global Institute are publishing many white papers on how to design (Innovation) Strategies. Yes, it is good stuff, but the key hurdle for a successful Innovation Strategy is the implementation of […]

The impact of the Financial Crisis

What impact will have the Financial Crisis on Business Innovation? So far we have seen Innovation as a luxury in growing economy. What will happen if we are facing with severe down scaling of the real economy? Do the current innovations methodologies like Blue Ocean Strategy, Open Innovation, Co-Cration, Brand Building helps companies to Innovate […]

Why we are more successful than others?

Why are Business Innovation Managers more successful than others? In many different Innovation Management Surveys the key issue still is successful implementation. The theories will promise outstanding results but the hardness of reality faces us with tough hurdles to cross. The theory “Blue Ocean Strategy” is one of the examples which supplies managers with a […]

Business Model Innovation Archetypes

In the engagements with our client we face that business model innovation is a complex issue. Many aspects are involved and these are also intertwined. As I wrote in articles earlier we use a Business Model Innovation Framework based on Oosterwalder. We use this framework to facilitate the in depth discussion with our clients according […]