Future Trends in the Value Chain

Future Trends in the Value Chain shows Innovative Strategies for the New Decade Every two years a collaborative platform of The Consumer Goods Forum, Capgemini, HP and Microsoft formulate key trends for the Value Chain. Together with top Executives from the Retail and Manufacturers Industry the third version is submitted. In 2006 the first report 2016: A Vision of […]

Co-creation beyond the hype

What is the essence of co-creation? Which forms of co-creation proved to be most beneficial for the initiators and participants? Which processes are most suitable for ‘outsourcing to the crowd’? In a new research we will give give you insights into the current status of co-creation, as perceived by top managers out of the FEM500 […]

What makes an Innovation Winner?

What makes a company an Innovation Winner? As the knowledge partner of the World Innovation Forum, Capgemini Consulting has recently completed its global innovation survey on the current state of innovation. The study offers a unique perspective by looking at the differences in behavior of 375 innovation leaders vis-à-vis laggards across five key areas (Innovation […]

New and disruptive concepts

Innovation in the consumer market: new and disruptive concepts As I wrote the last time, during the credit crisis companies continue proactively looking for innovations to growth their business value. However, the credit crisis has significantly changed the perspective of the consumer. Before the crisis the consumers are mainly driven by an almost unconscious impulsive […]

Innovation Leader or Laggard?

Capgemini published a survey where 375 executives from Leading Innovator companies shared their vision on: Innovation as a Competitive Success Factor During Times of Economic Recession: a short inroduction of the report … Capgemini Consulting, in conjunction with HSM, the sponsors of the World Innovation Forum, conducted a survey of more than 375 executives on […]

Focus shift in Innovation

Focus shift in Innovation: from Technology to Business Model towards Value Networks For many of us, Innovation is still related to New Technology (Research and Development). From the global Laboratories the new technology race is heating up: Nano-thechnology, BIO-technology and several non existing technology combinations will bring huge future applications. Interesting surveys shows us that […]

Innovation paradox:

Innovation paradox: entrepreneurship versus the power of the corporate staff departments International researches (as from 2006 up to and including most recent) indicates from that the members of the Council of Governing Board continue consider Innovation as the way to growth increase and secure continuity. The Credit Crisis hardly change anything in these thoughts. The […]